The US assures a solution to the crisis in Haiti must come from them

The charge d’affaires of the American Embassy in the Dominican Republic, Robert Thomas, assured this Wednesday that the solution to the Haitian crisis must come from the Haitian people themselves, who must establish the path they want to follow from now on.

Thomas expressed that the mission of both the US and the international community, and that of the countries of the region, must be to help Haiti find its own path.

“Something that we must take into account, from everything we have read in the press, is that there are many things happening at the same time in Haiti, but the solution to that crisis must come from the Haitian people,” said Thomas.

When asked about what can be done from the outside to help reestablish the Haitian state, Thomas assured that the countries of the region must be there to promote dialogue that leads to the resolution of their conflicts.

“Haiti must establish the road map that they must follow,” said the US diplomat.

During the Thanksgiving event hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in DR (Amchard), Robert Thomas served as the keynote speaker.

In his speech, Thomas highlighted that continuing both the fight against corruption and the strengthening of government institutions will be the keys to maintaining confidence in the investment climate in the country.

We welcome the efforts made by the administration of President Abinader to maintain an attractive, stable and predictable investment climate in the Dominican Republic, ”he said.

The diplomat also highlighted the investment and support of the US to the government to fight against these evils that the country suffers, where they have invested more than US $ 451 million in the last 20 years.

The amount covers more than $ 13 million to support the response to COVID-19, another $ 20 million in the establishment of the 911 system, about 120 in maritime and counter-narcotics security, and $ 298 million of investment in the health system.

Robert Thomas said he was very satisfied that President Abinader was invited by his counterpart Joe Biden to participate in the Summit for Democracy next December, again highlighting the growth of authoritarian regimes in the world.

At the event, he was questioned about the conflicts that his nation has with China, a country that was not invited to the Summit, and how he views the Dominican Republic’s relations with the Asian country.

“I think it is not a matter of competition, the United States and the Dominican Republic share the same values ​​and we are focused on that,” said Thomas.