the usual suspects

It is a phrase widely used in English-speaking countries to refer to people or organizations that would be involved with something, either by being present or taking some particular action. Are the “usual suspects” that always come to light, some with their own names, when certain topics are broken down. In the case of this writing, the judicial issues of government corruption.

In the octopus and squid ceviche on a Caribbean coral fan that we are tasting, the capacity for astonishment is mixed with the embarrassment of others at seeing people who one understood had no need to stain their personal, professional and family career, dragging even their children in this legal mud. And examples abound.

In this marine framework we find institutions, roles and people that repeat themselves, consistently, becoming usual suspects. His part in the plot, as well as his level of responsibility, varies from case to case.

We share, without order or hierarchy, those that we have identified from a bird’s eye view:

Drivers / cashiers / administrative staff: They are the most fragile thread through which the rope is cut. We all know they just take orders. Drivers, in many cases, are not even aware of what they are taking and bringing, much less for what, and in terms of ATMs and administrative staff, they are not able to generate the scheme or authorize the amounts that are handled in these files. Many times they find out about the mess when they are cited in the file and they go to look for them handcuffed to do the walk with other bigger fish. Unfortunately, many accept the blame of others, or remain imprisoned for a long time, forgotten by the system.

The lawyers: With leading roles and an essential part of the cases. Some jump the fence and are themselves part of the plot, lending their firms and track record to all kinds of mischief. In the networks it is a pleasure to see them giving their opinion as true champions of morality, until they are hired by one of the defendants. There they allege the sovereign right of defense of the defendants to justify their sudden silence and honestly earn their share of litigation. And they are doing very well.

The “informers”: In my particular little book, it is one thing to be a witness and another thing to be a snitch. It is striking that most of these informers were an active part of the alleged criminal structure and were silent until they were discovered. There they began to sing without being out of tune. The question we all ask ourselves is whether the fact of admitting that they are as guilty as the others exempts them from all guilt. Will there be no consequences? Will this be the new escape route for thieves from the treasury?

The bank: there is a financial institution that comes to light in all cases of government corruption that are ventilated in justice. With the level of regulation of the system, it is astonishing that it can move with apparent ease thousands and billions of pesos under all the radars with the naked eye.

Bids / volumes / addendums: the previous ones were duly admitted by all the instances where they passed. Approved and awarded for hundreds of billions of pesos and nobody noticed anything irregular, until they reach the Attorney General’s Office and become the jewels in the crown of all files.

Party mates: Since those charged are members or related to a political party, there is no shortage of those who allege “persecution” at once in party solidarity only to later have to withdraw when the forcefulness of the evidence hits them in the face. Additional points to those who go out with posters and banners to catch heat in the New City in exchange for a medium service of pica pollo. Those are “companions” and they don’t hurt anyone.

So far my list of usual suspects. Keep going, I have the popcorn on.