The various events of January

Although December is the month with the greatest events par excellence, this month of January has followed suit.

In addition to the arrival of the wise men and of the old bethlehemwe entertained ourselves with the contest of miss Universe and, after seeing the parade of beauties, especially the Latin American ones, we got the shocking surprise of the choice of the miss gringa, who did not stand out at any time and who is insignificant, not to say ugly.

Our candidate shined, she came in third place and the protests resounded through all the media. Added to this is the new owner of the franchise, a transgender, that is to say, she became a woman from a man, through numerous surgeries. She couldn’t change her voice, so since she talks, she gives herself away. In short, that such a contest has suffered a resounding discredit.

Then we had the ceremony Golden Globein which the film Argentina, 1985 got the award as best foreign film Y pinocchioby the Mexican Guillermo del Toro, won the statuette for best animated film.

We celebrated the party of the Virgin of Altagracia and people make a massive pilgrimage to the Basilica of Higüey, like every year.

The month is coming to an end, but we have the prospect of February 14, Valentine’s Day, patron saint of lovers!!