The video with which Elvis Crespo jokes about his resemblance to Rosalía

The singer Puerto Rican Elvis crespo the comparisons made to it that it resembles certain figures are taken in ‘chercha’ famous They have looked for the interpreter of “Píntame” similar even with the singer Spanish Rosalia, so the artist made fun of it in a very striking way.

The singer made a Tik Tok of a short video in which he joins his face with Rosalia letting see the ‘similarities’ and clarified in a humorous tone: “OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: @ rosalia.vt is not my daughter.”

The reactions have not been long in coming. The Puerto Rican merenguera Olga Tañón and the former Miss Universe Alicia Machado commented with laughing emoticons.

“If you saw your big daughter, they are identical”, “If you say so”, “Great”, “What is seen is not asked”, were part of the messages of the users.

It is not the first time Elvis crespo it has to say that he is not related to a famous person. It is recalled that he was compared to the former Attorney General, Jean Alain Rodríguez, and they even took a picture together in 2019. “Separated at birth”, the “Procurador del merengue”, they told him. But then he had to clarify: “I am not the attorney’s brother.”

In 2019 the image went viral

In August 2019, a Twitter user viralized an image of the similar of singer Puerto Rican with the Spanish just with the official photo of the album “Suavemente” by Crespo (1998) and the song “Con Altura” by Rosalia (2019) in which they pose in the foreground from the side.

As Elvis has had the look long black hair, as well as Rosalia, fans found a similar even greater.

The Twitter user Manuel González (@ manolux4444) was the one who wrote: And who does Crespo look like in this photo? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Rosalia! And here we have the proof.

More comparative images and even memes came out. At one point the young artist commented on some.

Indeed, the merenguero is not bothered by these similarities and made it clear this Tuesday with the Tik Tok about Rosalia. Who else does he look like Elvis crespo?áfica-sitio-web-368f53ae.jpg


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