The viral outpouring of Juanes: “I hate social networks”

The singer-songwriter Colombian Juanes exploded against social networks and how more time is spent with them than even with the family itself.

“The problem I have is that I hate social networks; I hate them. It’s not that I hate social networks, because I don’t hate people. I hate the social networks, what that means, what that implies, what needs to be done, “he warned in a video that he released on his account Instagram. “Well, of course, it’s the same all day: me saying ‘but what the hell do I make up for [atraer al público]’… No, I’m sucked into this shit, I don’t want to make up anything else! Whores are worth me social networks! “.

And although the singer accepted that, at times, he also likes to enter them. You don’t like to have your time taken away.

“Not everyone loves social networks“He expressed.” From time to time, if I gossip, I accept. It’s not that I don’t like gossiping, I like gossiping, but not always. All day son of a bitch watching what everyone does, I don’t like it; I am very busy, I have many things to do “

As a review People in spanish, the controversy was sparked because some considered that the composer “took the time to record the video and upload it” or, they advised him to “close his accounts then”. Colleagues like Alejandro Sanz applauded his opinion.