The Voice Dominicana responds to complaints in a statement

Four and Four Production, SRLthe company in charge of the production of the reality showThe Dominican Voice“, he responded to complaints issued in recent weeks through a statement.

The production company acknowledged that they “make efforts” to meet the commitments carried over after the show’s expense budget was “higher than the income received.”

Our company went through a precarious economic situationsince the expense budget to produce the production was greater than the income from advertising sales and the capital investment by the company’s shareholders,” the statement said.

They described as “unfounded” the statements and rumors that have circulated in the media and social networks.

While they specified that “We continue to carry out the different financial procedures to finish paying the pending commitments with suppliers, contractors and collaborators”.

“We appreciate the understanding and support of our business partners, suppliers, contractors and collaborators who, during this challenging period, believed in us, because thanks to them we were able to offer opportunities to national talent and jobs to many people, since and during the times most difficult of the year 2020 (pandemic and post-pandemic)”.

In the statement, the company also denies the “accusations, defamations, false amounts owed and allegations of alleged managerial mismanagement” made by the collaborators of the show, while ensuring that maintain “open and transparent” communication while they can fix their financial situation.

“We reaffirm our absolute commitment to settle all our pending responsibilities and obligations, especially those that correspond to fees, which are mostly from the last month worked by the collaborators and/or closing payments”, concludes the letter signed by the “Executive production”.

They closed by emphasizing that they recognize and value Dominican talent, which has been the vision of their project.

They stressed the honesty of the executives and shareholders and indicated that the show reached the highest ratings on Dominican television.


Communiqué The Dominican Voice. (INSTAGRAM)

Sues presenters and coaches

As a tragicomedy, the television presenter Luz García defined the demand made by the production of The Voice for the sum of RD$25 million against her and the rest of the talent who denounced non-payment.

A few days ago, Milly Quezada, Eddy Herrera and Alex Matos, three of the coaches of that singing contest, their hosts Luz García and Jhoel López and their general producer, Angie Rodríguez, reported in a statement that the production has not complied with the payment to them or to the winner.

“These talents were part of this project through a formal contract that unfortunately has not been fulfilled for some time and after conversations with the producers they have left no other option than to make the situation public,” the statement quoted.