There is no longer a ‘best kept’ secret

“We all keep secrets that we can’t tell.” This phrase is from a song that also says: “secrets that no one sees…”. In ballads, it is sung by Chiquetete, and in merengue, by Peter Cruz. In both genres very well interpreted. For the time of the eighties his lyrics made sense: beautiful, innocent, delicate, dangerous, harmful secrets were kept… But in the reality in which we now live, this composition does not make any sense. There is no longer a ‘best kept secret’. The networks have ensured that everything is known, be it something professional or even personal. Everything is left bare.

uncensored disclosure

Whether through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp states, people can find out about infidelities, lawsuits, fights between family members, deaths and even a simple fall on the street that happens to someone. Cell phones are always ready to reveal any secret or fact that you want to reserve. The sad thing is that, once the “news” is published, it even goes viral because that’s how we are: the ills of some are the entertainment of others.

They are all figures and paparazzi

A few years ago, there was a respect for the privacy of others. Only public figures were persecuted by paparazzi who were looking for a way to capture moments to make them known in traditional media. Not now. Now everyone is paparazzi and everyone is a figure. One day you wake up not knowing that in no time at all you will become a “famous” person because you slipped and fell in the street or because you went to your husband’s lover’s house and pulled her by the hair.

a fabulous trip

A little worried about the loss of “secrecy” that everyone has the right to have, especially with their private life, I wanted to visit a fabulous city where people’s dignity, their privacy, their behavior, whether good or bad, are preserved. It is a place where social networks are given a use that affects the well-being of the population and the development of the community and its inhabitants. Nobody uses them to make firewood from the fallen tree, to make fun of, to discriminate, to insult, to get into the lives of others… Doing this entails a penalty that is more than paid for. Whoever invents to reveal and make public other people’s secrets, for example, can even go to jail and fines, but not for money, but for service to others. Very different from what we live in this harsh reality, where there are those who painfully find out first through the networks even the death or illness of a loved one. In fact, even the authorities publish them that way. They don’t give the family a chance to, with their own words and good care, give that kind of information. This has been normalized, and there is no longer a best kept secret.