There is room in the background: Fernanda, Cayetana and all the couples that Joel had [VIDEOS]

Ugly, but tasty? Joel Gonzales, nicknamed as ‘The boy with the face of a fish’ could be close to starting a relationship with Macarena Montalbán, that’s why today we will remember all the couples he had during the nine seasons that have been developed, including Fernanda and Cayetana. Find out all the details here.

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Fernanda De Las Casas

It is the first great love of Joel Gonzales that, between good and bad times, made their relationship last the first eight seasons of “There is room at the bottom”getting to witness their marriage and even the birth of two children as their children who ended up being a product of the ‘multiverse’.

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Andrea Aguirre

He met her when he worked at the production company in the second season, they become very close friends, although she ends up creating more feelings towards him, but for him she was just his friend, because he was still in love with her. Fernandauntil they decide to start their relationship, until they get engaged, but they end up Montserrat.

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Montserrat Chafloque

Monserrat arrives at the house of the Gonzáles family looking for Lucho Gonzaleswhom he called godfather, this makes jealous Reyna Pacchasand Charo ends up hosting her, until by accident Joel sees Monserrat naked in the shower and falls in love with her, she accepts a relationship with him, but they end up because he confessed having feelings for Lucho, this in the fifth season.

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Cayetana Bogani

Their romance takes place in the sixth season, after Cayetana felt supported by Joel Gonzales because he was the only one who believed in his mental recovery, they start a relationship that greatly affected Fernanda. Her relationship was subjected to blackmail, because Cayetana said that she would die if she left her, but finally they end.

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Other couples of Joel Gonzáles

  • Veronica Miranda (1st season)
  • Chiara Benavides (1st season)
  • Fabiola (2nd season)
  • Pilar Garcia (8th season)