There is room in the background: This is how Diego Montalban discovered that his son did not know how to cook [VIDEO]

Well they say that lies have short legs and for soap operas it is not the exception. This is the case of “Al fondo hay lugar”, because in the broadcast of September 21 we came across a hard time seeing how Diego Montalbán discovered the truth of his son Cristóbal, showing his disappointment. How did you find out about the deception? Here we tell you.

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It all started when Diego Montalban opened his restaurant and asked his son Cristobal to cook for his guests, in order to demonstrate his culinary talents, but his nervousness and lack of knowledge were exposed when he failed to prepare his dishes well in front of the cameras of the reporters and the customers present.

When they got home, the worst part of the story happened. Diego Montalban Very disappointed, he asked Cristóbal for an explanation, who ended up confessing that he did not know how to cook and had not studied to be a chef in Spain as his father believed, causing him great sadness, so much so that he slapped him.

Later, the situation worsened because the anger of Diego Montalban He continued to grow because of his son Cristóbal’s lie, so much so that, after sending him to his room, he went after him to hit him again and ask him to leave the house, even though Macarena and Alessia they tried to convince him otherwise, it was impossible.

YOU CAN SEE: In the background there is room: Diego Montalbán, furious, kicks his son Cristóbal out of his house after learning his truth [VIDEO]

How did Cristóbal Montalbán prepare the restaurant’s first dishes?

In order to keep his secret from his father Diego Montalbán, the young Cristóbal asked for the help of his sister Alessia, who knows how to cook, to help her prepare the dishes that diners ordered at home and then send them through the back door. of the restaurant so that he only places them on the plates.

This is how Alessia Motalbán, July and Jimmy came together to support Cristóbal not to be discovered in front of everyone at the opening of his father’s restaurant. Something that in the end did not work out because Diego ended up finding out and feeling disappointed.