These are the winners of the 2nd edition of Premios Indie Dominicano

This past Wednesday, December 1, the 2nd delivery of Dominican Indie Awards, the true celebration of Dominican national music, which had the participation of great exponents of the music industry, as well as entertainment figures and under the leadership of Jose Luis Freitas (producer of the event) and Melba Almonte.

The most awarded of the night was Riccie oriach winning in 4 categories for his album “Mi Derriengue”, among them “Best Album and Alternative Song”.

Nicole Pena Comas With his classical music album “El Canto del Cisne Negro” he won the top prize for “Best Album”, pleasantly surprising, this in addition to two others.

Jochy Sánchez was in charge, together with Maridalia Hernández, of starting the night with the musical Magdalena.

Thanks to his album “Merengue Do Brasil” he won three awards.

Rosee Abreu representing the new generation won 2 mentions, as well as Daniel Santacruz who for his album Larimar won Best Tropical Album and Best Merengue for Santo Remedio which was performed by the artist.

A press release details that Patricio Bonilla won the Best Song and Best Jazz awards for Cuarentena RD.

The rapper Dkano continues his dominance within the quality urban music of the country, as he won Best Song and Best Urban Album just like last year.

Without a doubt, the tributes were what I liked the most about the awards. The first tribute was to Luis Segura in which artists such as Pirou, Cristian Allexis, Sabrina Estepan and Eliacim paid tribute to the pope of bachata.

Huchi Lora gave an introduction to a musical that touched everyone’s vibes, a tribute to Johnny Ventura in which performers of different musical genres performed some hits that filled the night with joy. Ely and Emil, Frankos, Eddy Herrera, Tony Almont, Fefita La Grande and Gabriel Pagan demonstrated that Ventura was an influence for all Dominican artists.

The best kept secret of the night was the tribute to Xiomara FortunaWell, at no time was it announced and the artist was not told, who was pleasantly surprised.

Under the introduction of the Minister of Culture Milagros Germán, who said that her name is synonymous with quality and that she is an icon of Dominican music, then Marteovenus, Mula and Riccie Oriach sent a few words to Xiomara and then enter the part musical with Fatima Franco, Felle Vega, Cruzmonty, Carolina Camacho among other excellent musicians.

The vegan group Altherego had a very special participation interpreting one of the great classics of Dominican rock, Instintos for which in the middle of the song and to everyone’s surprise, it gave way to Max Martínez, the original vocalist of the song.

Laura Rivera performed the song “Despertar” with which she won the award for Best Rock Song.

The in memorian it arrived to the rhythm of jazz in the voices of Jose Luis Freitas and Samuel Gonzalez who, under the introduction of Waddys Jaquez, performed the song “Brindis”.

Jazz had another musical in which José Alberto Ureña, Joshy Y Su Cu4tro participated and closing this number to the rhythm of instrumental bachata an impeccable performance by the great Mártires De León.

Fernando Villalona performed the song “Product of my time”, one of his best works in recent years.

The closing came with an extremely emotional tribute to Víctor Víctor, in which artists such as Nathalie Hazim, Bretton, Czesare, Addy Núñez, Pavel Núñez, Jose Antonio Rodríguez and Janio Lora participated.

Personalities such as Pamela Sued, Juan Carlos Pichardo, Carlos Sánchez, Olga Lara, Guy Frometa, Milly Quezada, Rubby Perez and many others also participated in the presentation of various categories.

Culminating with great success, the production announced the opening of registrations for the 3rd edition of Premios Indie Dominicano to be held next year 2022.