“They almost killed me”: Marco Zunino reveals medical negligence in a renowned clinic

Of life or death. This is how the beloved actor Marco Zunino revealed how he got into the intensive care unit from a well-known clinic in Surco when he broke his leg in Los Angeles, United States. In an interview for Miracles Leivain your program “Life and Miracles”gave details of the fact that led him to be hospitalized for a week in the ICU with a reserved prognosis and that it would have been medical negligence on the part of an anesthesiologist.

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Why did Marco Zunino enter an intensive care unit?

In conversation with the journalist, the first Latin American actor on Broadway commented that he had broken his leg while in Los Angeles, USA. after that, decided to move to the renowned Clínica El Golf – Lima to undergo surgery and finish his recovery at home, but the unexpected happened for him and his family.

Due to an error on the part of the anesthesiologist, he reported, his lungs filled with bloodwhich forced him to enter the intensive care unit of the private clinic.

“The anesthesiologist made a mistake. My lungs filled with blood, but while they realized what I had, I almost kicked the bucket and they had to put me in the ICU for a week, “he lamented.

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After that, Leiva asked him about the date of the medical negligence, since the event was never known in the media; however, he is also a singer He preferred not to comment on the date on which the event that almost cost him his life occurred. “That was several years ago. No, no one knew, why am I going to tell it, “concluded Marco Zunino.