“They are going to give me everything back”: merchant chased and whipped a 41-year-old thief who had robbed him

The delinquency stalks Latin America and does not give up even during the day. This time a merchant had to whip a thief who had stolen from his nursery. The events occurred in the town Del VisoPilar’s party in Argentina.

The offender had to be transferred to a hospital and then he was arrested for the crime of attempted robbery. “Stay still”, is what the owner of the premises is heard saying in a video that was recorded by witnesses while he was whipped.

“They are going to give me everything back, they are going to give me everything back,” replied the victim of the theft while attacking the thief. The images that are going around the world as one more case of taking justice into their own hands have caused controversy.

According to official information, the merchant saw how the thief was taking products, so he ran to catch up with him and attacked him with a rope. The man began to claim him for taking two metal structures with which he was making his nursery.

Argentina and the worst crime

The events occurred on Route 8 at 13,300, where the police officers approached to handcuff the offender, at the same time that he was kicked by the victim of the robbery. At the moment, it is known that the thief was transferred to the Sanguinetti hospital, where he receives medical attention and is later arrested.

“Argentina is among the twenty countries with the highest crime rate on the planet, according to information from the World Population Review. This rate is calculated as the quotient between the number of reported crimes and the country’s population, while the result multiplied by 100,000”, according to Forbes Argentina.