They arrest a man who sexually abused his daughter since she was 11 years old

A 67-year-old Bolivian man was arrested by police officers for the crime of sexual abuse after he violated his daughter for four years. According to local media, the Prosecutor’s Office will request his detention in the maximum security prison of Chonchocoro, in La Paz, Bolivia.

According to the research, the subject exercised sexual violence against his daughter, a minor who is currently 15 years old, inside the home.

According to a report published by the Bolivian media Unitel, there was a behavior that alerted the authorities and allowed them to discover the abuse to which the teenager was subjected.

Unitel said that the girl began to cut her wrists and, when she was discovered, revealed the situation she had been subjected to since she was 11 years old.. Later, he denounced his father for the acts of rape.

The 15-year-old girl was constantly threatened by her father to prevent her from being reported to the police authorities. Likewise, it was spread that her mother would also have been a victim of the subject.

The man has been captured and is expected to be transferred to the Chonchocoro prison. “Preventive detention will be requested for six months in (the maximum security prison of) Chonchocoro,” said prosecutor Verónica Miranda.

While, the subject he must remain in the police cells of the Special Force to Combat Violence until he is taken to a hearing on precautionary measures.

“That they judge him with all the severity that the case warrants”

The man, charged with the crime of rape of an infant, girl, child, adolescent, accepted the right to silence, but at the hearing he will request that he be given house arrest for his status as an elderly person, his defense said.

In this sense, the prosecutor Verónica Miranda explained that “we must take into account that there are exceptions. In cases of sexual crimes, a weighting of values ​​is made.”

“He did not say that when he committed the worst of crimes, that they judge him with all the severity that the case deserves”, “There is no old age for rapists”, “He was aware of what he was doing, that he assume with the same conscience his punishment”, “What a nuisance and what injustice, this man did not think or have mercy on his daughter to do her this great damage, that she pay for her crime”, were the responses of some Internet users regarding the outrageous fact.

Help channels in Peru

If you are a victim of gender violence or know someone who is going through a similar situation, you can contact the line 100created by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, of the Peruvian Government.

In addition, this line has the power to refer the most serious cases of family or sexual violence to the Women’s Emergency Centers or the Urgent Care Service. The service is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including holidays.