They arrest a teacher who administered a coronavirus vaccine to a student at home

A professor 54-year-old who was accused of illegally injecting a COVID-19 vaccine into a 17-year-old teenager at home without the consent of her parents was sanctioned by school authorities at Herricks Public Schools of Long Island, in U.S.

On New Years Eve, the teacher Laura russo She was arrested after the complaint of the parents of the student involved in this illegal immunization. Nassau County Police officers detained the teacher at her Sea Cliff home, the New York Post revealed.

In the recording, which was disseminated on social networks, Russo is observed cleaning the arm with a cotton ball of his student, who is sitting waiting for the injection. A third subject films the moments before the application.

“There you go, vaccinate at home,” says the teenager sitting in a chair. The clip of the video, less than 15 seconds long, is titled ‘I’ve never been so uncomfortable’.

County school officials stated in a news release that “the person in question is a district employee who has been removed from the classroom and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.” In addition, they refused to provide further comments, arguing that this act took place outside the educational center.

However, they stated that the teacher had in her possession a vial of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, of a single dose, although it is still under investigation how it came to be achieved, since only authorized health personnel in U.S you can make your distribution.

Russo’s son was the one who got to get the dose because the mother of one of his friends did not want her daughter to receive the coronavirus dose, NBC 4 reported.

Police were notified about the vaccine case after the teenager told his parents what had happened. The teacher was charged with an unauthorized practice of a profession under the Education Law of the state of New York and was released after posting bail.

On January 21, he must appear in local justice, the New York Post newspaper said.