They ask for funds for victims of Christmas parade in Wisconsin

Family members and friends of more than 50 people run over during a Christmas parade in a Milwaukee suburb, including many children, say they have suffered life-threatening injuries, and some are torn between life and death.

One of them, Jackson Sparks, 8, died Tuesday, relatives announced on his GoFundMe page. His brother, Tucker Sparks, 12, is about to be discharged from the hospital.

The two boys were marching with their baseball team when they were hit.

Tucker has head injuries but is on the mend and will be sent home, according to Alyssa Albro, niece of the boys’ parents Aaron and Sheri Sparks. Jackson suffered a more serious brain injury.

“The whole family is devastated,” Albro wrote.

A girl who is a member of a dance group that was hit by the vehicle, a moment that was captured on a video from a cell phone, woke up on Monday and told the doctors: “Just put me back together”, according to their GoFundMe fundraising page, hosted by a family friend.

“No child or parent should have to endure this amount of pain and suffering,” wrote the girl’s mother, Amber Konhke, on Tuesday afternoon.

Online funding requests detail some of the injuries sustained in the incident that has so far left six dead and more than 60 injured.

The suspect, Darrell Brooks Jr., was charged with five counts of first degree murder. A sixth count will be added for the death of Jackson Sparks, which occurred after the complaint was written, according to Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper.

A girl identified as Jessalyn appears smiling at the camera on a GoFundMe page wearing a Santa Claus cap, along with others from the Waukesha Xtreme Dance group, in a photo taken moments before the crash.

Jessalyn “fights for her life,” according to the fundraising account created by Oscar Luna, a friend of the family. He suffered the loss of a kidney, a broken pelvis, and damage to the liver and lungs.

“This Christmas season will be brutal” for the family, he said.

In an update posted Tuesday morning, Luna said she had woken up for a moment on Monday.

“She is not fully aware of the severity of her injuries, but she managed to say, ‘Just put me back together,” he wrote. “Only a girl could refer to herself as a doll in this situation.”

Julia, who was also marching with her dance team and whose last name has not been disclosed, “is fighting for her life” as she suffers a brain trauma after being run over, says her fundraising page created by the family friend. Jen McCarthy.

As of Tuesday afternoon, nearly $ 900,000 had been raised on the 22 verified GoFundMe pages for parade victims. Another community fund for victims had raised more than $ 600,000 as of Tuesday morning, Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly said. The Waukesha County Community Foundation said that fund reached more than $ 916,000 Tuesday afternoon.