They ask for help for a woman who was left on the street after suffering paralysis at the birth of her son: “He wants work, not handouts” [FOTO]

He does not give up. Many times we can be up and then down, life is unpredictable and this is the case of a woman who lives on the streets despite being degree in computer science Well, a health problem that happened when her son was born, changed her life suddenly and she was left homeless. His story went viral on social media.

The woman presented complications after she gave birth to her son because her body was paralyzed For a while, however, after getting out of that situation, he has not received any kind of help since he lost his job and was left on the street with the newborn, so says a user who shared the case on Facebook so that such Maybe someone can join in with some kind of collaboration.

“After giving birth to a boy the right side of your body is paralyzed. She had come to Varanasi 3 years ago and is staying here. It is completely healthy mentally. They don’t need rehab, but they need financial help”, He counted Sharda Avanish Tripathi, a student at the Hindu University of Banaras in India, who spoke with her.

It also emphasizes that SwatiThe woman does not want alms because she wants a job where she can earn her own money with her effort because she is very talented and speaks other languages.

He doesn’t want any money from me, but he said to get him some work. Swati can do typing and others computer-related jobs, “said Sharda.

His english is fluent and polite. Swati se deserves a better life, I share it with all of you and that is how we help Swati ”, he said. The woman has been living in the vicinity of the Ganges River, because it is the best place she has found to live. With this post, Sharda hopes more people are interested in helping her.