They ask to disconnect Mexican actress Carmen Salinas

The renowned actress Carmen Salinas is still admitted to a hospital, located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, where her relatives have been watching her and sharing the latest medical reports to the entire press.

In the beginning, Carmen Plasencia, The artist’s granddaughter stated that her grandmother suffered a stroke, for which she fell into a coma. But then she was the daughter of the artist Maria Eugenia, who explained what happened, in an interview with the program “Sale el sol”.

“She has a cerebral hemorrhage, that the more time passes and her organs are well, the thing is that things are working well. I feel that she is very well cared for,” revealed the daughter of Carmen Salinas.

Azela Robinson asks to disconnect Carmen Salinas

In an interview with the Hoy de Televisa program, actress Azela Robinson asked that Carmen Salinas be disconnected, because she believes that the beloved actress Carmen Salinas needs to be happy.

“I think that Carmen would be best if she left because what she has is very serious and she is not happy if she is not working, if she does not have communication with the press, the press that she has loved so much and that she has pampered so much. . So if she can’t have that, she better go to another plane and be happy there and make people laugh there and make people laugh there and protect people there like she did here, ”Azela Robinson declared.