They cancel the presentation of Cienciano by omicron: Are the Cream Night and the Blue and White Night in danger?

The Regional Health Manager of Cusco He spoke on Wednesday and declared that Cienciano’s party, which had Sport Boys as a rival to present its 2022 squad, does not have the approval and was suspended due to the third wave of coronavirus -and the arrival of the omicron variant-.

The journalist Carlos Lara Porras collected the statement from the Health manager, which caused discomfort in the Cusco fans. “There is no permission, nor will there be for Papa’s Afternoon”, expressed Javier Ramírez.

In this way, the imperial cast will have to cancel their opening match against Sport Boys, which was scheduled for Sunday, January 9, starting at 3 in the afternoon.

Are the Blue and White Night and the Cream Night in danger?

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, announced yesterday that Peru is already in the third wave of COVID-19, so the big question will be whether it will affect the start of League 1 and the matches of the Peruvian team (especially friendlies).

In this way, Alianza Lima and Universitario de Deportes could be affected by the third wave of COVID-19. However, the authorities have not yet confirmed whether they will make the same decision as the regional government of Cusco against Cienciano and its “Daddy’s Afternoon.”