They catch a judge kissing a prisoner who sentenced to life imprisonment and a fact sparks controversy in Argentina

An unusual event has generated great controversy in Argentina after it became known that a judge was recorded kissing with an inmate, whom she sentenced to life imprisonment for the death of a police officer.

The security cameras of the Provincial Penitentiary Institute (IPP) of Trelew captured the controversial scene between the judge, identified as Mariel Suarez, and the inmate Cristian “Mai” Bustos.

After the fact was made public, the court ordered that an administrative summary be initiated against the judge for having engaged in “inappropriate behavior” after kissing the inmate, according to the TN medium.

It also indicated that the inmate Cristian “Mai” Bustos was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 22 for the death of the police officer “Tito” Roberts in 2009. The judge was part of the court that established the penalty for the subject, however, she voted against the maximum penalty and requested a sanction less.

What did the court say after the kiss of the judge and the defendant was made public?

Through a statement, the court of Argentina argued that “a meeting required by a criminal judge of the Comodoro Rivadavia district and an inmate housed in said penitentiary was learned, considered highly dangerous and recently sentenced in the framework of an oral and public trial held in the city of Esquel ”.

“From the data communicated from the IPP, it appears that the judge had engaged in inappropriate conduct for a magistrate. The proceedings are aimed at elucidating the circumstances of said meeting between a magistrate and a convicted person, the tenor of the meeting, its extension in time and its characteristics, which may imply violations of the Public Ethics Law and / or the General Internal Regulations of the Judicial Power, “he concluded.