They condemn bomb attack on Clarín newspaper

Buenos Aires. EFE

An attack with Molotov cocktails perpetrated against the headquarters of Grupo Clarín, the largest journalistic conglomerate in Argentina That it did not leave victims or material damage of importance, was repudiated this Tuesday by the main political leaders and journalistic entities, including the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA).

On Monday night, a group of hooded men, still unidentified, attacked the company building – which has written, radio and television media – in the Barracas neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

“Violence always alters democratic coexistence. We hope that the facts will be clarified and the authors will be identified from the investigation that is underway, ”Peronist president Alberto Fernández said on Twitter.

The same route was chosen by his predecessor, the opposition Mauricio Macri (2015-2019): “The attack on Clarion It is a very serious attempt to intimidate the media and the entire press. An unacceptable fact that recalls the violent practices of the past. I repudiate the aggression and send my solidarity. That the Government and the Justice clarify what happened and arrest those responsible ”.

The attackers, according to Clarín, threw Molotov-type incendiary bombs on one of the entrances of the building, then closed, an event that was recorded by security cameras.

In information on the portal of the newspaper Clarín itself, it was specified that at least nine people participated in the attack, with artifacts that hit the sidewalk and the door, causing the beginning of a fire.

“It gives me the impression that this type of episode in Argentina had already been overcome, one wanted to believe that we had learned from our mistakes, but it seems that not. It seems that we are starting over, I take it as a very worrying symptom of a situation that is still present, “he told Efe Ricardo Kirschbaum editor-in-chief of the daily Clarín, after recalling how – amid the political violence that prevailed in the country – the newspaper’s headquarters was attacked in 1973.

The IAPA pointed out that it is a “violent attack that seeks to intimidate and constitutes a serious violation of press freedom” and called for the authorities to fulfill their duty to “investigate, point out and bring before the courts the instigators ”.