They confirm that Iván Ruiz married the communicator Laura Guzmán and reveal details

After three months ago the communicator Laura Guzmán revealed that her marriage with the television presenter and producer had come to an end, the couple has decided to give themselves a second chance and with a higher level of commitment, they got married!

The host of “Frontal con Laura Guzmán” published on her Instagram account that she had been engaged to marry Ruiz and shared images and videos of the romantic moment.

“The happiest day of my life,” Laura Guzmán posted on Instagram along with a photograph dressed as a wedding, by designer Luis Domínguez. While Ruiz did the same, dressed as a groom with a blue suit: “Here is … the road to happiness. Thank you God ”, he said on his social networks.

He continued: “I am a fan of Californian wines and what better way to celebrate my wedding night with the groom of my life,” Guzmán said in a video with the communicator while they enjoyed an evening in front of the fireplace with two glasses of wine.

It has been revealed that it was an intimate ceremony in California, where communicators said “yes I accept.”

With a limited number of guests, which included the filmmaker Alfonso Rodríguez and his partner, the producer of “The Midday Show” and the communicator became husband and wife.