They denounce damage to the grave of the salsa singer Héctor Lavoe in Puerto Rico

The tomb of the salsero Hector Lavoe In Ponce, a city in southern Puerto Rico, it was damaged by an unknown person, local police reported on Monday.

According to the authorities, a plaintiff identified as William Robledo said that the base of the grave of Héctor Juan Pérez Martínez, first name of the deceased singer, in the Civil Cemetery in Ponce, suffered damage.

Damages were estimated by the plaintiff at $ 600.

The complaint is investigated by personnel from the Ponce Municipal Police.

Lavoe, a native of the Belgium neighborhood of Ponce, began to excel in music when he decided to move to New York.

There, Lavoe, and other groups of Willie Colón, Bobby Valentín, Willie Rosario, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico and Ismael Rivera appeared almost weekly in clubs like El Corso, Broadway 96 and Casablanca, during the 70s and 80s.

Lavoe, for his part, became one of the great stars of salsa for legendary songs such as “Everything has its end”, “El Almighty”, “Aguanilé”, “The singer”, “Rompe saragüey” and “Paraíso de sweetness”.

Lavoe died of AIDS – contracted by using used syringes – on June 29, 1993 at Saint Claire Hospital in New York, at the age of 46.