They destroy Melissa Paredes after confirming a relationship with a dancer: “In the future the children will judge” [FOTOS]

Via social networks, Melissa Paredes has received endless criticism after making her romance with the dancer Anthony Aranda public in a preview of what will appear on the program Women in command this Monday, January 10.

Dozens of users exploded in various comments from Facebook making it clear that what most starts badly ends and therefore the relationship that was born because of an ampay from Magaly Medina would not have good results.

Most of the women criticized that the former host of America television have the ‘nerve’ to openly show off your relationship with the dancer after having – supposedly – destroyed his family.

What do users say? “First they were lovers, you committed adultery”, “Now he says that they are in love before, they were surely friends with rights”, “well they say that karma exists”, “in the future the children will judge”, “you were better off with the Cat, what a shame that you chose badly “,” how ugly instead of the man making it official, she makes it, more alone it is bad “, were just some of them.

Rodrigo Cuba ‘shouts’ his love to Ale Venturo and fans give him their support: “I love you”

After Melissa Paredes announced that she has a relationship with Anthony Aranda, her ex-husband and father of her daughter Rodrigo Cuba did not take long to make public her love for Ale Venturo either, a fact that was an open secret and that she has been obtaining a large amount of admirers.

It was through his social networks that the popular ‘Gato Cuba‘ shouted his love for the influencer, for the first time, in a public and direct way with a romantic and tender: “I love you”, a text accompanied by emojis of hearts.

And as expected, Ale Venturo responded with: “You more”, corresponding his feelings and showing that something was already cooked here and they could even have formalized their romance, an event that moved the fans of the couple, who made them arrive beautiful messages of support.