They disable a surgeon who engraved his initials in the liver of his patients

A UK surgeon he was disqualified from his post for having engraved his initials in the liver of two patients. Identified as Simon Bramhall, the doctor He admitted to using an argon laser to sign his organs.

The case was considered by the Medical Practitioner Court Service (MPTS) as an “act born of a degree of professional arrogance”. They added that the actions of Simon Bramhall they undermined public confidence in medical practice.

The events took place in 2013, when he worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. The complaint was made after another doctor discovered his initials (SB) on a transplanted liver that failed in one of his patients.

Years after what happened, in 2017, the surgeon was fined £ 10,000. Bramhall stated to the police that marked organs to ease operating room tensions after long and difficult transplant operations, according to The Guardian.

In December 2020, he was suspended from practicing his profession for five months. However, this order was revoked after a hearing.

Thus, after a long process before the British courts, in which the country’s General Medical Council also intervened, the matter was presented again for consideration. The final verdict, released this Monday, January 10, determined the surgeon’s disqualification.

The court clarified that, although “no lasting physical harm was caused to any of the patients,” Bramhall’s actions caused “significant emotional harm.”