They find a black box of a Helidosa aircraft that crashed near the AILA

The authorities investigating the crash of the Helidosa company plane that crashed on Wednesday afternoon in the vicinity of the International Airport of the Americas recovered the black box that holds the flight information.

A source confirmed to Diario Libre the discovery of the black box of the HI1050 Gulfstream GIVSP aircraft, which is in the possession of the technicians of the Aviation Accident Investigation Commission (CIAA).

It is called black box or flight recorder to the device that stores the activity of the instruments and the conversations in the aircraft cabin. This device is made of titanium, and is capable of withstanding the tests of impact, pressure, crushing, fire, etc.

It is recalled that after the plane crash that claimed the lives of three crew members and six passengers, the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) instructed the CIAA to carry out an “exhaustive investigation” on the aircraft that plunged near the facilities of the International Airport of the Americas.

The commission immediately reported that their counterparts in the U.S, the National Transportation Safety Board, accompanied by technicians from the Federal Aviation Administration and the manufacturer of the HI1050 aircraft.

The Commission also said that it will issue a preliminary report “within a period not to exceed thirty days.”

Nine people lost their lives

The fatalities are a Puerto Rican music producer, his wife, their four-year-old son, a 13-year-old teenager and two other adults, 21 and 18 years old, in addition to the crew made up of a pilot, a co-pilot and a stewardess.

The musical producer was José Ángel Hernández, known as Flow la Movie, 36, and his wife Debbie Von Marie Jiménez García, 31; Keilyan Hernández Peña, 21, the minors Jayden Hernández, 4, and Jesiel Jabdiel Silva, 13, as well as Yeilianys Jeishlimar Meléndez Jiménez, 18.

The crew members were the Venezuelan pilot Luis Alberto Eljuri Tancredi, 47, and the Dominicans Víctor Emilio Herrera, 32, who was a co-pilot, and Verónica Estrella, 26, a flight attendant, and great niece of the President of the Senate of the Republic. Eduardo Estrella.