They find a young man strangled with his own pants after attending a party and meeting his ex-partner

The tragic outcome of a 19-year-old missing girl has shocked everyone in Argentina. This is Brisa Abril Formoso Sobrado, who was found dead after attending a party with her cousin in Berazategui, Buenos Aires province.

According to local media, the victim’s relatives reported her disappearance on Friday, November 12, as the young woman did not return home. So the Police of Buenos Aires a strenuous search began to find the young woman.

The authorities searched for Brisa Abril Formoso, who, according to information from her mother, wore a light blue jean, a black shirt with stripes on the sleeves and slippers. Likewise, he did not have a cell phone and it was the first time he had been absent without giving a reason.

On the last Sunday, November 14, the authorities found the body of the 19-year-old girl in a field.

The crime

According to her cousin and other witnesses to the Argentine portal Infobae, Brisa met Hugo Iván Morales, 23, her ex-partner at the party, with whom she had a strong argument, but the reason for the fight is unknown.

After finding the body of the victim, the man was identified by the Police of Argentina and arrested as the main suspect in the murder of the young woman. During his detention, he presented defensive wounds that so far he has not been able to justify.

She was strangled with her own pants

The death of the young woman Brisa Abril Formoso has caused a commotion after revealing how he lost his life. “The girl was unfortunately strangled with her own pants in the middle of a sexual attack,” said Daniel Ichazo Ichazo, the prosecutor investigating the terrible case.

It should be noted that the authorities of Argentina Investigate the suspect in the crime for the crime of homicide aggravated by gender violence, a femicide that could be sentenced to life imprisonment. We are still waiting for the autopsy to find out the causes of the death of the victim.

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