They leave a Molotov cocktail at the house of Deysi Araujo in the middle of the LIVE broadcast: “They have caught it”

Deysi Araujo was again checked for the extortionists who have been threatening her since yesterday, this time they surprised her with a motolov pump just outside your home as a sign of threat when he was in full live broadcast with the press.

The incident occurred when the program’s reporter “Good morning Peru” was making a live link inside the home of Araujobecause when the team Pan American arrived at the house did not notice anything suspicious outside. However, when they withdrew, they noticed the presence of a Motolov bomb that appeared to have been lit.

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“When we entered we did not notice this scene, it even seems that something had burst. They lit a lighter,” the reporter said.

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Deysi Araujo: “My car alarm went off”

Araujo indicated that he noticed the bomb when his car alarm went off, since the extortionists they would have turned it on causing it to burst and activate the sensors of the security alarm vehicle.

“I already called the police. They have placed the bomb at the door of my house, my car alarm has been activated and you can see here that the ashes are on the floor and that it has exploded,” he said. Deysi in the midst of tears, because she no longer knows how to protect herself from the constant threats she has been receiving.

Let’s remember that yesterday the model went to report the fact to the Dirincriand on his way, the criminals again sent him threatening messages assuring that “they will blow your head off” her son if she does not agree to pay the amount of 50 thousand soles for your safety.