They murder and remove the uterus of a pregnant woman in a possible satanic ritual

A 24-year-old pregnant woman identified as ohana karolin has been found dead by some citizens who were traveling in the town of Portal two Lakes located in the state of Sao Paulo Brazil.

According to local authorities, the young woman, who was wearing seven months pregnant of his fourth son, presented mutilation in his organs and genitals. In addition, the fetus was not located, so it is believed that her death is related to a satanic ritual.

After that, the local police are investigating Karolin’s surroundings and they assume that she could have been sacrificed, since her body was in a wooded area surrounded by churches, notes the British newspaper Daily Mail.

On the other hand, the body of the young woman was immediately recognized by her ex-husband, father of her children, and the agents are also finding out if the current boyfriend or someone close to her is related to the brutal death.

Given what happened, a friend of the deceased told the local media UOL: “She met a kind of tough gang. I even walked away from her a bit because of it. But i do not know what happened. She was very nice, she didn’t have a bad time. Everybody liked her.”

For her part, one of her friends reported that she saw Karolin inside a black car around midnight on the day of the murder. Other people claimed to have seen her around 3:00 am near the scene of the crime.

Finally, the fact has been registered as a homicide in a police station in the area and forensic experts are investigating what happened, since the corresponding autopsy has yet to be carried out to confirm how the female died and what tools were used to commit such cruelty.