They offer a million-dollar sum to Clara Chía to tell her truth in an interview: “She won’t have a money problem”

Clara Chía Martí has ​​been in the eye of controversy since her beloved Gerard Piqué ended his relationship with Shakira, since it was indicated as the “reason” for the end of the romance between the singer and the former athlete. However, her camera flashes became more attentive to her in order to find out how she took all her comments against her and the media pressure.

Very reserved for what has been shown so far, several Spanish media have sought a way to obtain their statements, either by attending events where they would be found or being captured on the streets with Pique. The truth is that the press in that country wanted the scoop.

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Not finding it, media Spain decided to go a step further and tried to Clara Chia grant your first interview with the purpose of telling your truth about the facts, just as you did recently gerard and a few weeks ago Shakira.

According to X Catalunya, various spaces have sought to Clara Chia Marti show up in their space so that they have a conversation in exchange for a large sum of money, which would be around a million euros; however, the couple Gerard Piqué would have refused.

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About the millionaire sum that was proposed to Clara Chía Martí for an interview

The entertainment media Spain You already know the versions of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, since each one on their own gave a first interview after all the controversies, hints, attitudes they had after their relationship ended, but one more person was missing: Clara Chía Martí.

And it is that the current couple of the ex-soccer player Barcelona He received various proposals but prefers to remain anonymous and not generate more headlines for what he can say. This is how the X Catalunya medium gave it a glimpse when he referred to the millions that they put on the table for Clara Chia for his words.

“Many programs have proposed that Clara Chía grant an interview and that she explain her version, confirming these extremes. The offers amount to more than one million euros, but she would have rejected them all. Together with Piqué, she will have no money problem and “In addition, they are happy and he prefers to be faithful. They want privacy and respect and to be able to live life normally,” the article published by the Spanish newspaper mentioned.