They penalize a column of “The Sun” against Meghan Markle

The British regulator of the written press has ruled this Saturday that an opinion column against Meghan Markle published last December by “The Sun” which raised more than 25,000 complaints, violated the journalistic code, for which, as punishment, the newspaper has had to publicize the ruling.

In his article, well-known presenter Jeremy Clarkson said he hated Prince Harry’s wife and “dreams of the day when she will be paraded naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds shout ‘Shame!’ and throw her droppings,” among other things.

The Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO), financed by the member media themselves, has partially accepted the complaints of two feminist organizations by concluding that the article was sexist, as it contained “a pejorative reference and detrimental to the sex of the duchess”.

However, the regulator, which the NUJ journalists’ union condemns for lack of independence, dismissed arguments by The Fawcett Society and The Wilde Foundation that it was also “inaccurate, harassing the Duchess of Sussex and including discriminatory references to reasons of race”.

Although the ruling sets a precedent for IPSO, the “Hacked Off” association against the abuses of the tabloid press has criticized the fact that it does not impose a fine or disciplinary measures against the director of the newspaper and the columnist, known for his provocative comments.

In an unprecedented gesture, “The Sun” and Clarkson already apologized in December after receiving a barrage of complaints, but until now IPSO, a self-regulatory entity from which some headlines such as “The Guardian” and “The Guardian” and “Financial Times”, which have their own complaint management mechanisms.