They present Gastronomic SDQ 2022

Come back Gastronomic SDQ. With the aim of promoting and recognizing the Dominican gastronomic industry, the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic, (Asonahores) and the Dominican Association of Restaurants, (Aderes) announced the details of the V edition of the gastronomic event.

In this presentation the different activities that will be part of this event were also shared, the award was given to the Fork of the Dominican Gastronomyand the distinctions to the outstanding restaurants of Restaurant Week 2021.

The president of Asonahores, Rafael Blanco Tejera expressed that “Gastronomic SDQ continues its purpose of promoting executions made with local inputs under interesting proposals prepared by renowned chefs from the most iconic restaurants, with the aim of positioning our country as a gastronomic destination”.

Omar Cepeda, president of Aderes, highlighted that “every year we have news, and for this 2022 edition, for the first time the most famous restaurants in Punta Cana and Santiago come together to make this the version with the highest participation, with more than 160 restaurants , starting the tour in Punta Cana, from October 19 to 22, within the framework of the Asonahore Commercial Exhibition”.

At the same time, he explained that after participating in the exhibition, Gastronomic SDQ continues with the traditional Tapas Night, on November 8, where 10 exponents of Dominican gastronomy will delight with their culinary creations, ending with the Santiago and Santo Domingo Restaurant Week from November 14 to 20.


During the event, the awards and recognitions were given, in different categories, to the most outstanding participating restaurants in Restaurant Week 2021, after an evaluation process by the Dominican Academy of Gastronomy and the votes of the diners.

The winning restaurants were Patagonia Grill, for the best culinary execution; Ajualä, for the splendid performance in haute cuisine; Samurai, for the particular experience of flavors presented; Bottega Fratelli, with the distinction that diners give when receiving an experience of gastronomic flavors; Central Gastronómica, for the exquisite display of flavors in its presentations, and the Shibuya restaurant for having received the highest volume of diners who enjoyed its particular gastronomic proposal.

Likewise, the restaurants Las Tapas by Alfresco and Allez Bistrot were recognized for the creativity and innovation presented in their first participation in Gastronomic SDQ.

The Dominican Gastronomy Fork 2021 was given to Santiago Batista and Dulce Martínez for the trajectory of Creole flavors in the tradition of a service that highlights the gastronomic quality of the family legacy of the Bonao Typical Restaurant.

As part of the awards, a special posthumous tribute was made to Otto Ricart, founder of the Restaurant Mesón de la Cava, for his contribution to innovation in the gastronomic proposal, by creating a precedent in originality that has distinguished him for more than 55 years. to this emblematic restaurant.