They remember the love between Pedro Infante and the “cute box” of Yucatan

66 years after the death of Pedro Infante Cruz, in Mérida, they tell the love story between the famous artist and the “cute box”, as they call the capital of the state of Yucatán, southern Mexico.

“She came to this city in southern Mexico because she felt free and happy, she loved Mérida more than any other, even though she went to Isla Arena, Campeche, and Chetumal, Quintana Roo,” Mrs. Lucía Benigna Alcocer Ravell, daughter of the mechanic of Transportes Aéreos Mexicanos (TAMSA), Bernabé Alcocer Cisneros, who worked with the interpreter of “Amorcito corazón”.

He is 84 years old, but he perfectly remembers everything he experienced with Pedro Infante Cruz, the artist who recorded 361 songs and filmed 61 films that transcended in Mexico, Latin America and Europe, including posthumously winning the Berlin Golden Bear for Tizoc.

“I had the privilege of knowing, loving and enjoying Pedro’s occurrences, he made us laugh when he came to the house, he always did it because my father worked at TAMSA, where the artist was a partner,” he said.

The airline was another of the reasons why he often came to Mérida, “in this city he could give free rein to his greatest passion, after singing and acting: aviation.”

“In Mérida they adored him for his simplicity, kindness, charisma, but above all because he was charitable to the people who needed them the most, he did not like anyone to know, but if there was someone who needed money due to illness or lack of food, he did not hesitate: gave money,” he said.

Pedro Infante Cruz, who has sold more than 2.3 million records around the world, had many powerful friends, “but he was always aware of the mechanics, he went to their homes, he lived with the family as if he were one more member.”

“I would come home and if my mother, who was mestizo, was tortating, she would grab a tortilla, put salt on it and eat it, she really enjoyed being in the homes of her people, of her mechanics,” she recalled.

However, the most beautiful memory he has of Pedro Infante are the serenades.

“We would get on a TAMSA truck that my father drove and my sister Margarita and I would go accompany them to bring serenades, but we never got off, we would stay to listen to those beautiful songs that he sang and all the relaxation that followed,” he said. .

Doña Benigna assured that her daughters, grandchildren and other members of her family believe her when she talks about her experience with Pedro Infante because she has unique photographs of the famous actor and singer with his father in TAMSA and at home.

“I even treasure one of the Christmas cards that he sent to my father,” he said.

For his part, the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, explained to EFE that the secret of love between the “pretty little box” and the so-called “idol of Mexico” is due “to the fact that he felt like one more citizen.”

“I saw in Mérida his place of inspiration and rest, it was one of the most loved cities in all of Mexico, because he came very often for his friends and family,” he added.

Given this affection and admiration, in 2016 the Day of Pedro Infante was instituted in Mérida, to commemorate his death, which occurred on April 15, 1957 on Calle 54 between 87 in the center of the Yucatecan capital, where the plane that was transporting him fell. .

The pilot Víctor Manuel Vidal Lorca, the mechanic Mariano Bautista and the young Ruth Rossel also died in the plane crash, who was hanging clothes in the patio of her house on Calle 54 between 87, where there is currently a bust and a commemorative plaque.

There, dozens of inhabitants of Yucatan meet each year to commemorate the protagonist of “A toda maquina” and “Los tres huastecos”.

The artist’s youngest son, Armando “el Torito” Infante, who arrives from Los Angeles, California, participates in this tribute to evoke his father’s musical work, at the invitation of the Canto García family, owner of the property where the plane crashed piloted by the interpreter of “Cien años”, “Amorcito corazón” and “Muñeco de cuerda”.

“I have no words to thank my father for so much affection, from the first time I was invited to the festivities, 26 years ago, I realized that special bond between the people and the artist,” he revealed to EFE.

She does not hide the envy she feels for that special link between the “Boxita linda” of Yucatán, as they call Mérida and Pedro Infante, whose simplicity, charisma and generosity still lingers in people’s memories.

“I was two years old when my father died, but my mother María Isabel Gutiérrez says that she was the same inside and outside her movies: good people, simple, happy, kind and always helping others,” said “El Torito” Infante.

These values ​​are hard to find today among artists, “I think that was my father’s secret so that people love him more every year.”