They reveal the true cause of death of actress Verónica Forqué

Help line: Public Health has the information line about depression at 809-544-4223

Spanish actress Veronica Forqué, who worked with Pedro Almodóvar among others and was one of the interpreters best valued by experts, was found dead this Monday, December 13, at her Madrid home.

The actress would have committed suicide, as confirmed to AFP police sources. “He has taken his life at his home in Madrid,” these sources declared, without giving further details.

According to Spanish media, the emergency services went to the actress’s home on Víctor de la Serna street, after receiving a notice at 12.50 p.m., but they could not do anything for her life. Members of the National Police of Spain were also displaced.

The reasons for her suicide are unknown, but the director, actor and producer Carlo D’Ursi has written a sad reflection from his Twitter profile: “Dying alone, at 66 years old and a victim of depression was not written in any script.”

Verónica Forqué had spoken in recent times of the depression that she overcame after the divorce of the director Manuel Iborra in 2014, father of her only daughter, María Forqué, 31, and the death of her brother Álvaro in 2015.

“It is horrible to realize that you no longer feel anything for your partner, with whom you have spent 34 years,” he was sincere in this newspaper a couple of years ago. «I sank into a depression that lasted a long time but from which I came out very strong. I’ve been hooked on psychoanalysis, I recommend it to people. That and meditation, “explained the actress, who acknowledged smoking marijuana daily on television.

Daughter of the director José María Forqué, she was born in Madrid in 1955 and began in the cinema working on her father’s films in the early 70s. She had started in the cinema, still almost a teenager, in 1972, with ‘My dear young lady’ , by Jaime de Armiñán, and in addition to filming under the direction of his father, he also worked in his early years with Carlos Saura and Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón.

But it was in 1984, with ‘What have I done to deserve this?’, By Pedro Almodóvar, when it reached popularity. With Almodóvar she would repeat in the films ‘Matador’ (1986) and ‘Kika’ (1993), establishing herself as one of the most prolific and beloved actresses by the Spanish public.

She was awarded four times at the Goya Awards, including Best Actress for her role in ‘Kika’.

Masterchef put her at the forefront of criticism and bullying on social media

The actress was undoubtedly the star of the most recent edition of Masterchef celebrity. Program in which he revealed his outbursts of anger, along with happy moments and others, where he pushed his teammates to the limit. These outbursts that many said in networks were about bipolarity put her at the forefront of criticism from her peers and the public who follow the space. She made the decision to resign at the gates of the final.

There were nine intense programs in which the ups and downs of the actress went to more. Her last outdoor test passed her.

«I am not feeling very well, I am exhausted. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel very sorry for not being up to the task, but I cannot with my soul ».

The actress preferred to retire permanently. «I’m regular, I need to rest. In the last equipment test I was overwhelmed. I’m not throwing in the towel, but this time you have to be humble, “he declared before hanging up his apron. “My body and my universe were telling me that I need to stop,” he declared before saying goodbye.