“They treat him like a criminal!” This is how they report the arrest of Novak Djokovic in Australia

Novak Djokovic, is still in controversy. The best tennis player in the world arrived in the oceanic country to play the first Grand Slam of the year (January 17), but has been held by airport personnel for several hours, a fact that the Serbian media have denounced as criminal treatment.

The controversy was generated after the exception made by the organizers of the Grand slam and the Australian authorities to cross the border despite not being vaccinated against Covid-19, news that has become of international significance.

According to the newspaper The Telegraph, the situation is shocking Novak. “Djokovic he’s in custody, he’s scandalously treated like a criminal in a room! Scandalous treatment of the Australian authorities towards the best tennis player in the world ”, described the media.

“The best tennis player in the world is treated like a criminal and receives scandalous treatment. He is detained in a room with two police officers watching him, they prohibited him from using a cell phone as well as contact with any member of his staff, ”the newspaper said.

Where is Novak Djokovic located?

Djokovic He landed in Melbourne around 11pm local time and is still in custody late in the Australian morning. According to information from the Serbian daily Blic, he was not allowed to get off the plane and was escorted to a sector called “immigration detention”. There it would remain until the authorities of the oceanic country make a final decision on its income exemption.

The reason why he was detained is that his team made a mistake when applying for the visa. According to the portal The Sydney Morning Herald, instead of managing the exemption to play the tournament as an athlete, they made the procedure to obtain a job that does not allow medical exemptions for not being vaccinated.