They urge entrepreneurs to have faith and willpower

On the occasion of commemorating the National Day of the Entrepreneur yesterday, the founder of RedEmprendeSPM, Richard Quiñonez, urged young people who are starting a new project not to lose faith and will until they achieve their dreams.

Understand that these aspects are the guarantee of success in your endeavors.

“Today (yesterday) we celebrate the National Day of the Entrepreneur in our country and we want to congratulate you and invite you to continue being the perfect union of faith and willpower, since faith moves mountains and willpower knocks down obstacles,” Quiñonez said creator of the first solidarity advertising network among small entrepreneurs, which impacts hundreds of new merchants.

He said that entrepreneurs are the backbone of the livelihood of their families and the development of the national economy. In difficult times such as those we are living through Covid-19, his courageous and optimistic spirit has stood out in favor of the well-being of his people and the country, he indicated.

Red EmprendeSPM is the first solidarity digital advertising network among small entrepreneurs, executed through the electronic instant messaging application WhatsApp. The Network solves the problem of advertising inequality that exists among young entrepreneurs due to their socioeconomic status, since this factor can determine the success or failure of an entrepreneur, due to lack of resources to pay for advertising and publicize their project.

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