They will celebrate the second edition of the Dominican Indie Awards

On December 1, 2021, the second edition of the Dominican Indie Awards will be celebrated, an award committed to highlighting the good music of the country.

The event will take place under the production of artists José Luis Freitas and Christian Lama.

Due to this activity, a press conference was held, attended by the producers of the PIDs, who indicated that musicians who perform good musical works participate in them.

“We seek to highlight the quality of the artists and not their popularity,” expressed Freitas in the speech he gave on the occasion of the award.

Among those present were also representatives of the Association of Art Chroniclers, who were giving their support to the awards and participating in the round of questions that was asked at the event.


In this edition, seven new categories were added to the awards, among which stand out “Best Salsa” and “Best Composition”, due to this, the artists will be competing for a total of 37 awards and not for 30 as in the previous year.

Rosee Abreu, Sunshine Yellow, Gabriel Pagan, Riccie Oriach, Jochy Sánchez, Snenie, Dkano, Diego Jaar, Rando, Giorgio Giladi, Eddy Herera, Milly Quezada, Fernando Villalona, ​​Yiyo Sarante, Daniel Santacruz and Laura Rivera are some of the nominees, the latter being the person with the most nominations.

Transmission of the prizes

The event will be broadcast digitally on the YouTube channel of Revolución Sonora, the platform in charge of carrying out the awards.