Thief dies electrocuted when trying to steal cables and his accomplice ended up burned

A 20-year-old criminal was electrocuted when he tried to steal cables from a telephone antenna in Berazategui, Argentina. His accomplice received a strong electric shock, but he survived and was admitted to the Evita Pueblo Hospital due to the burns he suffered on different parts of his body.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found facundoa 24-year-old man, who had burns and, in a state of shock, narrated what happened. He had suffered an electric shock when he was inside the pit of a construction site with another young man whom he identified as Lucas..

The other criminal was seriously injured when he was stealing telephone cables. Photo: The Profile

After listening to his story, the agents approached the ditch and found Lucas’ charred body. Next to him he found instruments to cut cables and remains of copper and aluminum that they had already prepared to take away.

The Prosecutor’s Office accused the survivor of “attempted robbery”while the remains of the deceased were transferred to the judicial morgue, waiting to be delivered to their relatives, reports El Perfil.

The authorities were able to verify that the place had the corresponding signage to avoid any type of accident. The company Rowing carry out an underground laying work.

Cable theft is a common crime in Argentina, as thieves sell the copper and aluminum to junkyards. These actions end up being very dangerous for criminals and an inconvenience for the neighbors, who are left without electricity for several days.