This is Alejandra Baigorria’s apartment, full of luxuries and with baroque-style mirrors [VIDEO]

He fulfilled his dreams. The popular reality girl Alejandra Baigorria is one of the public figures who has proven to be an extremely hard worker and now enjoys a luxurious apartment, which she bought after many years of sweating it out on television, as well as a fashion businesswoman. It is in this place where she spends a lot of time with her boyfriend. Said Palau and is located in the district of Miraflores.

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What is Alejandra Baigorria’s luxurious apartment like?

It was his ex-partner This is war, natalie vertiz, the one who interviewed her as part of a special note from Estás en todas. The ex-combatant did not hesitate to share her apartment and the irreverent decoration with baroque winks with the public. The ‘Samurai’ couple showed their dining room, which highlights a huge mirror with romantic sconces in silver tones, as well as the presence of natural flowers as centerpieces.

But, it was not the only thing that revealed the details of his room next to Said Palao, as well as his kitchen, which also stands out with silver and black sconces, as well as some touches of color in red. By showing her closet, which she clarified would only be a part of her, she surprised with her collection of shoes and dresses. Also, she revealed the beautiful view of her that she gives next to her room. “I love natural flowers, I always have… Everything silver, I love the baroque style… black too,” he said. Alejandra Baigorria.

Living room

Alejandra Baigorria When showing his house, he assured that he likes to decorate the room with silver things, but in order not to saturate the space, he decided to combine it with light tones.


In this environment, we see that Alexandra he also used white as the predominant color but decided to combine it with black.

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the room of Baigorria It struck Natalie because of its high ceilings, but like the rest of her house, she decided to go mostly white.


As we know, Alexandra She is dedicated to the fashion industry, so she has several items of clothing, so to store them she needs a large closet. However, that’s not all as she also showed a space where she keeps her expensive handbags.


One of the special places of Alexandra it is the bathroom, since it is where he performs his facials and enjoys the great tub that he has.

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What other achievements does Alejandra Baigorria have outside of the material?

As if she were in an extreme game of ‘This is war’, the ‘Gringa de Gamarra’ left her soul, heart and life in the competition. Without a doubt, a special Sunday that you will never forget. He just received the long-awaited medal for his effort and preparation, he shared it on social networks.

“I did it! 37km + 70 obstacles in 2 days. Result: CLASSIFICATION TO THE WORLD CUP GREECE 2022. And you, did you think it was possible?” He wrote in his post, which immediately had dozens of “likes” and congratulatory comments .

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Alejandra Baigorria rules out Said Palao’s request: “If I had a ring, I would be showing it off”

The businesswoman from Gamarra, Alejandra Baigorria clarifies the rumors about an alleged request for a hand from his current partner, Said Palau. As is known, the happy couple has had a nice relationship since the beginning of 2020, when they both met on the sets of the American television reality show, This is War.

For the model, she discards her followers who Said asked for her hand, because if that were the case, she would not hesitate to tell all her followers. She mentions all this with a big smile to the cameras of América Espectáculos.

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Alejandra Baigorria became a stevedore at the Fruit Market: “It’s hard, worse than EEG”

To show that she is a woman of challenges, Alejandra Baigorria became a stevedore at the fruit market, in the program ‘En boca de todos’. “My God, I’m sweating like a pig, I’m all scratched up. This is really hard, in This is War, I’ve loaded chains, boxes, but this is really hard and I still have about three more hours. A little stretch, I’m going two carts, I’m going for the third and I’m dying ”, he commented.

In addition, he assured that he highly respected the work of people who have to bring bread to the table every day at the expense of their physical effort and it is not easy to do this type of load. “It is quite tedious work at dawn, you have to carry a thousand things. They left me a lesson that I had, that there is no job for which you have to be ashamed, you have to value it, ”she said.

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Alejandra Baigorria throws flowers at Flavia Laos: “Austin has never had an A1 girlfriend”

Alejandra Baigorria is happy that her brother-in-law Austin Palao is in love with Flavia Laos, whom she made official a few days ago. The businesswoman said that she “has never seen” Said Palao’s brother so in love with an A1 girl.

“I am one more tenant. Right now I change my last name (laughs),” released Patricio Parodi’s ex-partner. In this sense, the lover of Said Palau he wants her to be part of the family: “Austin is a great guy and he needs (someone like her). I’ve never seen a girlfriend like that, A1. Both internationals, as her dad says. The whole family gives the go-ahead.”

The popular

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Alejandra Baigorria begins to fly LIVE: “I am practicing to go to Congress”

On several occasions, the businesswoman has proven to be quite a warrior in order to achieve her goals, and now, she will not be the exception. For this reason, she took off her fashionable dresses and high heels to tour the América Televisión facilities in Pachacamac.

“Vote for the best couple, it’s Said and me,” I asked the teammates, knowing that the competition is tough. “I’ve done my ruffles in the center, and my chicken in Gamarra. I’m practicing for when I go to Congress (laughs),” the blonde joked.

It is worth mentioning that the favorite couples are Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz, Hugo García and Alessia Rovegno, and also, Rafael Cardozo and Carol Reali ‘Cachaza’, and Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao. The last to enter the competition was Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart.

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Alejandra Baigorria reveals that she indulges herself: “Until she has a child”

The model and reality girl received an invitation from the Peruvian designer Sergio Dávila to participate in a fashion show that rewards new designers. Therefore, she did not think twice and headed for the ‘land of Uncle Sam’.

“I’m happy and meeting a lot of people. In the parade everyone had to do with my dress,” she said, proud of her professionalism in the “En boca de todos” program, which was connected LIVE. “I have been with my company for 12 years, at 33 I can give myself what I like and I can travel because I work hard. No matter how many falls I have (at work) I keep going.”

However, in this regard, he denied that he had bought a $1,900 portfolio. “I haven’t bought the 3 handbags, I like to share trends with my followers on my social networks, I would like to buy the whole store (laughs)”.

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Alejandra Baigorria froze her eggs

It was in 2020 that her 32-year-old businesswoman from Gamarra, Alejandra Baigorria she fulfilled her dream of freezing her ovules to later become a mother in the period that she deems appropriate and without the imperative need to have a partner.

“Ready for my operation to be able to do the egg retrieval and freezing, obviously. I’m super happy, calm down,” said the warrior upon arriving at the fertility clinic.

Likewise, when he was on the “En boca de todos” program, he also mentioned that he was very happy and that thank God the treatment was carried out on time since they told him that with the exams. In the same way, she mentioned that no one can take away her dream of being a mother.

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Alejandra Baigorria announces that she will buy an apartment with Said Palao: “My dad and his dad ask us for a grandson”

They have been in a loving relationship for a year and are already planning to become parents. Alejandra Baigorria, who will buy an apartment with Said Palao, confessed that her father and father-in-law are asking for a grandson very soon.

“Even my dad, and his dad ask for it, a grandson, but we want it to be at the moment, we have already talked about it. We are thinking of buying an apartment,” said the businesswoman who is far from “This is war.”

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Alejandra Baigorria and Guty Carrera: How did your love story begin?

The remembered program “Love, love, love” in 2015 revealed the beginning of the romance between Alejandra Baigorria and Guty Carrera. In the images shown by the ‘Peluchín’ program, the ex-warrior is seen with the “Gamarra blonde” show signs of affection and even play hands already loaded.

In that short time of romance, the businesswoman did not hesitate to shout from the four winds that she loves El Potro and that she has no doubt of his fidelity and love.

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Why hasn’t Alejandra Baigorria been in EEG for 10 years?

Alejandra Baigorria It was not one of those called by Peter Fajardo, however, he explained what he is focused on this year 2022. Apparently, the “Gringa from Gamarra” She would be interested in prospering her clothing business, so this Saturday, February 26, she opened a new store in Minka, in Callao.

“I am already well from my foot injury, I am not at 100, but at 80%. For now, focused on my business, focused on my things, on traveling, I have several trips this year, several projects, and that is my focus for this year,” she replied. Alejandra Baigorria.

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Ale Baigorria puts on the patch and explains why it is not on EEG: “I can come back whenever I want”

Alejandra Baigorria is one of the great absentees from the last season of This is war, so many began to wonder why he decided not to participate, so to silence speculation he spoke.

“With the authorization of Diego Quijano, I have an open contract, and whenever I want, I enter EEG. It’s not a lie,” said the blonde from Gamarra, very sure of herself in the middle of the En boca de todos program.