This is how famous people reacted to the earthquake this morning in Lima

It surprised everyone. At 5.27 am today, January 7, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded which had its epicenter 19 kilometers northwest of the capital and shook the homes of the people of Lima. The event generated anguish among citizens; Among them, various public figures such as Flavia Laos and Rosángela Espinoza became a trend after revealing how they lived that disturbing moment.

Social networks exploded at the event, as hundreds of netizens commented on how they felt and made it known that they are fine. In this way, several public figures took the opportunity to record their reactions. Know who they were in this note.

The popular ‘Selfie Girl’, Rosángela Espinoza published stories minutes after the shakeup on her official Instagram account and told her more than four million followers how she lived the moment.

In her latest clips, the former reality girl shows the garden of her house and shows that she is barefoot. “Horrible. Mommy, calm down Mommy, take care of yourselves please “ she comments affected by the situation while asking her mother to calm down.

The influencer and ex-partner of ‘Pato’ Parodi, Flavia Laos had the scare of her life and did not hesitate to record her reaction to what happened on her social networks. Through her Instagram account, the also model narrated in detail in a storytime how she lived this telluric experience.

“My God, guys. There has just been a tremor, all of Lima has felt it. I got out of bed and went to the street running calata, literally, and my mother chasing me with a blanket: ‘Little daughter, cover yourself’. I ended up on the track without clothes, shaking, “he said with a laugh when he remembered the moment.

The former children’s entertainer and now recognized tiktoker María Pía Copello also spoke on her official Instagram account, and apart from commenting on how she felt, she took the opportunity to inform her followers about what one should do in these situations. He published an illustration of the elements that an emergency backpack should contain in these cases.

“An intense earthquake was felt in Lima. Don’t forget your emergency backpack. I hope everyone is well at home. Let’s always try to stay calm. It’s difficult, I know, but it’s important. Find safe areas and have emergency masks and backpack close at hand “, He wrote below the photo and stressed the importance of keeping this element well equipped and always avoiding mass hysteria, which can cause damage.

The Peruvian singer and member of the cast of El reventonazo de la Chola, Claudia Serpa, tried to take the situation calmly and published a series of funny memes on her social networks to liven up the moment.

“Me, sleeping like nothing, after running without shoes due to the earthquake”, “Me after running away due to the earthquake”, were some of the funny messages that included images of cute animals.

The journalist Federico Salazar was in full transmission of a well-known América TV newscast when the set suddenly began to shake. At first, he got up from his chair while driving, but then returned to his seat.

Even so, given the turbulent situation, Salazar remained calm and urged the public to do so as well. He also began to seek information from the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) to provide details about the earthquake, all while the site was still in motion.