This is how the Chilean press reacted: “What did the national team do to the world to deserve so much cruelty in 90 minutes?”

The Chilean team was one of the favorites to finish with a perfect score on the double date of the Qualifying Qatar 2022. After the victory in Asunción against Paraguay, Chile was emerging as the winner against Ecuador; However, La Roja ended up losing in a surprising 2-0 to ‘Tri’. This result complicated their aspirations to reach the World Cup and the sports press of the southern country described as an “apocalypse” what took place at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium.

The newspaper La Tercera published a story last Tuesday, November 16, entitled “Chile suffers an apocalypse in San Carlos.” For the sports journalists of the Chilean nation, there was “a dark force or black magic” that caused those led by Martín Lazarte to reap a defeat in Santiago.

A dark force. Black magic or simple bad luck. Explanations are sought for a gloomy night in San Carlos de Apoquindo. What did the Chilean team do to the world to deserve so much cruelty in 90 minutes? If Estupiñán’s goal at nine was bad, Vidal’s expulsion at 13 was already a tragedy. Nothing could be worse in such an important qualifying match. But then came Mena and Alexis’ injuries! It cannot be, fate was primed. A nightmare. A key clash, against a direct rival in the race to go to Qatar 2022, without Sánchez, King Arturo and Charles Aránguiz ”, reads part of the fragment of the middle note.

On the other hand, La Tercera pointed out that the Chilean team is obliged to triumph against Argentina in January 2022, otherwise, they assured that “If the sum is not enough to reach Qatar, everyone will remember the night of the apocalypse that was suffered in San Carlos de Apoquindo”.

La Roja will be measured against the Argentine team for the date 15 of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers on January 27 of next year. This will be a crucial match for the Chilean team.