This is how the friendship between Magaly Medina and Rodrigo González began, which ended with a “betrayal” of the “Urraca”

Magaly Medina and Rodrigo González were friends for many years and it even seemed that their friendship was solid, however today they are estranged and it has even been rubbing on television how much rating they make day by day. Therefore, in this note The popular We tell you how they met and why they are no longer ‘pinkys’.

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Magaly Medina and Rodrigo González: How did your friendship begin?

It was Rodrigo Gonzalez who told how he met Magaly Medina. As revealed, it all started when the “magpie” had just started on television and he was studying Communications. It turns out that they saw each other for the first time when he went to present an award, since his father was one of the first sponsors of the journalist.

“Magaly knows how we met. I never asked you for help. You met me at your show because I was going to present an award. Magaly had an award on her show, at that time she was starting on television and she had no sponsors and my father was one of the few. And since he knew that I loved television and it was a way to get closer to that world, that’s how I met her,” he said. Rodrigo Gonzalez in “Love and Fire”.

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Magaly Medina and Rodrigo González: Why did they distance themselves?

In a recent edition of the program “Love and Fire”, Rodrigo González was encouraged to reveal why he ended up distancing himself completely from Magaly Medina, whom one day he called “Godmother”. “Peluchín” said that thanks to him, she joined Latina, but the same thing did not happen when he was interested in being part of ATV.

Rodrigo Gonzalez told these infidences when Magaly Medina slipped that the doors of ATV are closed for him and Gigi Miter. “One of the reasons why I can’t call someone who closes the doors of a channel a friend is that I opened them when I was in Latina,” was the first thing he said.

Next, Rodrigo Gonzalez revealed how Magaly Medina left ATV and how he managed to help her become part of Latina. “When she worked on ATV and ATV she had it off the air, that if she was going to give her the weekends, that if she returned to the newspaper, she resigned from Magaly TV and left it because she had had a downturn.”

“He tells me: ‘Rodrigo, why don’t you ask Latina if they might be interested?’ I went and spoke with the ‘program killer’ and told her: ‘I think you should give her the opportunity to listen to her.’ And that’s when the link was made, I made the link. That’s how the meeting happened and that’s how Magaly went from ATV to Latina, she added Rodrigo Gonzalez.

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Rodrigo González throws a dart at Magaly Medina: “You are not more powerful for minimizing”

In a program ‘Love and fire’, Rodrigo González decided to “split” his ex-friend Magaly Medina and reveal unpublished details of her after hearing her statements, where the “Urraca” revealed that “Peluchín” and his partner Gigi Miter are banned in ATV and that they have them envy. Given this, Willax’s driver did not remain silent and considered that the journalist has insecurities.

“They close the doors of ATV, it gives her insecurity, we don’t know if there is any insecurity over there, we don’t know. What does she do? Minimize, crush that I think is the only way she has to feel more powerful than the rest”, he went on to say, while referring to his show’s ratings and ATV competition.