This is the fire helmet with artificial intelligence to rescue people in the middle of the smoke

The firemen are the professionals who expose their lives daily to put out fires and rescue people, so It is important that they have a good team, to be able to protect them and thus carry out their work without complications. In that sense, thanks to a recent technological invention, in the near future they could see through the smoke and thus save the largest number of victims of accidents.

Researchers at the National Robotarium in Edinburgh created a helmet with artificial intelligence (IA) in order to help firefighters to driving in a smoky environment to more easily rescue victims.

The team incorporates various sensors, thermal cameras and radar technologies. Thus, according to Chris Xiaoxuan Lu, professor of cyber-physical systems, he declared for Euronews that “firefighters are heroes. We want them to have this superhero ability: to see through the smoke, through the dark, and have this ability to come up with effective search and rescue solutions.”

Likewise, from the University’s School of Informatics they point out that “this new helmet will improve the safety of firefighters from multiple dimensions. We already talked about searching for victims. We also talk about navigation together with all the sensor units.”

In short, the helmet will allow firefighters to move more efficiently in an area where smoke is very dense and to map their surroundings to serve those in need.

So far, firefighters who have tested the helmet have stated that it “offers a thermal imaging capability that helps us tremendously in terms of locating a person. We can scan a room much better.” A search could take between five to 10 seconds and not so many minutes if the system is perfected.

In addition, the object has an approximate weight of 1.3 kilos, it is easy to connect to the firefighter’s suit and, although its price is not known, it would not be very expensive. At the moment, the researchers are looking for collaborators in the industry to help them produce the equipment on a large scale.