This is the house of Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández valued at almost 1 million soles [VIDEO]

Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández separated, they were one of the strongest couples in chollywood, until the television presenter announced her abrupt estrangement after only two years of marriage. The former couple gave an interview in which they show the house they shared and the lifestyle and “tastes” they had. Today in The popular We’ll give you some details of what their ‘love nest’ was like before we finish.

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How does the house of Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández look like?

Karla Tarazona Today he is in one of his best stages, both professionally and sentimentally, since his media problems remained in the past. It is so that in 2020 she married businessman Rafael Fernández and today they live a fairy tale, along with the children of the radio host.

It is so now too businesswoman He left his Chorrillos apartment to start a new stage, settling in a 900-square-meter house, with a soccer field included and a private heliport, within an exclusive area of ​​La Molina, which is valued at 1 million dollars.

It is there where she now lives with her husband, who did not hesitate to also show his collection of cars of up to 350,000 dollars and motorcycles of US$ 30,000.

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How much is your fortune from Rafael Fernández and Karla Tarazona?

Businessman Rafael Fernandez he was excited when talking about his luxurious car. “It’s a convertible, they only made a certain number of cars of this model, it must be at 280 thousand euros,” he said at the beginning. He then revealed that 2 helicopters were at his disposal.

“The first helicopter is the one I learn to fly, it is a two-person ultralight. To learn to fly a helicopter is very difficult, it takes between 2 and 3 years. There are no schools, either, here in Peru. The other is 4 (people). When you have an emergency like in the case of my dad, for example, something happens to him in Chincha, to transfer him to Lima, from the entrance it only takes between 1 or 2 hours, “said the owner of “eggtreme”.

For its part, Karla Tarazona revealed that he currently drives a large and luxurious van with which he picks up his children from the private school they attend. “75 thousand dollars costs more or less that truck”, revealed the popular Rafael Fernandez.

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Does Rafael Fernández support Karla Tarazona with expenses for her children?

While, Karla Tarazona confirmed the presence of Rafael Fernandez as a father figure in his family. The television host revealed that although her ex-partner Christian Domínguez does fulfill her as a father with little Valentino, the businessman would give his children his little tastes, such as taking them to learn to drive and supporting her with expenses in their education.

“Since Rafael came into our lives, he has participated in the good and bad moments of my children. He is always there to support us. He is my husband and thank God that he supports me in everything. He accepted the hen and her chicks. He is the What I love most about him, that life was not complicated, but on the contrary. Rafael has three children and, with his experience as a father, he helps me a lot with mine,” the presenter told a well-known local newspaper.

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Rafael Fernández and Karla Tarazona: how much is their fortune?

Rafael Fernández and Karla Tarazona met in the middle of the pandemic but even so, despite the various difficulties, they managed to start a love relationship, thus consolidating their love by marrying civilly on December 19, 2021. At some point, the couple gave details about their marriage and they mentioned that to reaffirm those couple ties, they have to talk and always be in constant communication.

For her part, Karla Tarazona revealed that she currently drives a large and luxurious van with which she picks up her children from the private school they attend. “75 thousand dollars costs more or less that truck”, revealed the popular Rafael Fernandez.

The popular

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Karla Tarazona confesses that she would not forgive Rafael if he is unfaithful

Karla Tarazona in the defunct Women in Command program, she was asked if she would forgive an infidelity by her current partner, Rafael Fernandezthis after a peculiar comment he made about difficult women.

“I think that people who resume a relationship after an infidelity must have the heart and the mentality, I don’t know, very practical or suddenly have that faculty that some people have to forgive from the heart,” she said confidently.

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Karla Tarazona happy for the luxurious life she leads now even drives carrazo: “75 thousand euros costs”

the television presenter Karla Tarazona He is living a great moment at a family and economic level. As is known, the public figure does not skimp on her expenses because she recently spent 100 thousand soles to make a video clip with her husband, the well-known businessman Rafael Fernandez.

For its part, carla revealed that he currently drives a large and luxurious van with which he picks up his children from the private school they attend. “75 thousand dollars costs more or less that truck”, revealed the popular Rafaell.

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Rafael Fernández spares no expense and takes the children of Karla Tarazona to drive

He is like a father figure. In the last hours the television presenter, Karla Tarazonahas been generating controversy due to the bickering on Peruvian television between her ex-partner Christian Domínguez and Isabel Acevedo, where the businesswoman aimed to give her strong opinion, making it clear that they fight each other and do not put their son.

“It seems to me that they are using, including the father of my son, for this type of lawsuit, if you want to say the green candle, tell him between the two, but I think that a creature like my son does not have to be in the middle” , he pointed.

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Karla Tarazona disagrees with the ‘pichangas’

Karla Tarazona says “no” to the famous ‘pichangas’ that are a reason for meeting and having fun for men, as in the case of Aldo Miyashiro and the Eleven Machos team. The entertainer revealed that her husband Rafael Fernández does not have permission to go to these meetings with her friends.

Given this, the ex-wife of Christian Domínguez assured that the “king of eggs” does not have permission to go to the “pichangas”, however, he said that “happily” he is not a lover of football. “My husband doesn’t like to play, so I stay calm on that side (laughs).”

Let us remember that the couple had a dream trip on the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean. They enjoyed a few days of love in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at a luxury resort for Easter.

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Karla Tarazona: how do your children get along with Rafael Fernández?

Rafael Fernández revealed via his Instagram account how he celebrated Father’s Day as a family. Being the fact that most attracted attention, the tender detail that one of the children of Karla Tarazona made.

Stephano wrote him a moving letter in which he expressed the great affection he has for him, considering him as part of his family, as well as an example to follow. Although that is not the only sign of love between the little ones and the businessman, because their social networks are usually filled with similar moments.

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Karla Tarazona asks Rafael Fernández: “The bag has to be first class, not past models”

the television presenter Karla Tarazona was in the middle of the eye of the public eye after Magaly Medina revealed on his show that the first car he received was second-hand. Now, after several days, the public figure decided to speak about it, but in a hilarious way with her husband.

“For my birthday it has to be different, the bag that I told you about has to be first class and with a well-filled wallet. Also, it must be from the latest collection, don’t bring me from the past models. What you saved on the car, now you have to spend it on your wallet,” he said. carla.

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Rafael Fernández and Karla Tarazona: How did they meet?

According to the popular couple, both met at a barbecue organized by some friends they have in common and although at first they did not take much into account, with the passing of the hours a crush arose.

Fernandez thought that the driver she was “believing”, so she decided not to talk to each other, but as the minutes passed she realized that it was quite the opposite. This is how she begins her interest in Tarazona.

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Karla Tarazona froze her eggs to become a mother again: “It’s fashionable”

Karla Tarazona lives a great moment after turning 39 years old and with her husband Rafael Fernández they already plan to enlarge the family because they want to have a little wife. However, if this doesn’t happen organically, they already have a backup plan.

The couple spoke with Magaly Medina for the latest edition of Magaly TV La Firmelast night, Wednesday, May 18, and they not only joked about making her the godmother of her baby, but also gave details of when the little girl could be born.

Asking the couple about their plans to have a girl, the driver did not expect what would happen. “Hey, and where are the plans to enlarge the family? Aren’t they going to have a girl and go to the doctors so that right now science allows you to choose science,” she questioned.

Given this, Karla Tarazona He replied that it would happen anyway. “It’s going to be like the wedding,” she said, to which was added Rafael Fernandez saying: “Yes, when you least expect it”.

“My plans for the girl, that has not changed. I have three sons, he has three sons,” said the radio host, with which Magaly Medina agreed. “Yes, they have to take advantage of being young,” she said.

Despite your words, Karla Tarazona He recognized that now it was more complicated because of his age. “I’m already 39 years old, I’m against the clock,” he pointed out, to which Magpie advised: “Freeze your eggs,” without knowing what they would tell him. “It is fashionable to freeze, I have my frozen ones,” revealed the wife of Rafael Fernandez.