“This is war”: Gino Assereto confronts Piero for Nadia Collantes and she “choteas” him

Tense moments were lived on the set of “This is war” after johanna san michael announced that the warrior Piero Arenas is upset with Gino Assereto after the kiss on the mouth that he gave to the chiclayana Nadia Collantes in an acting challenge. According to the presenter, Piero and Nadia would have had a fleeting romance in the past, a fact that was confirmed by the warrior and did not hesitate to send a hint to the popular “Shark”, who faced his partner live.

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Johanna San Miguel says that Piero Arena distances himself from Gino Assereto after kissing Nadia Collantes. Photo: LR composition/América TV capture

“I have been gossiped that you are upset with my dear Gino. Have you been with Nadia as a couple, as lovers? Have you ever kissed Nadia?” asked Johanna San Miguel. Immediately, Israel Dreyfus put Piero in trouble. “I don’t want to be indiscreet, but Piero has blocked Nadia. He doesn’t assimilate. He doesn’t face the ‘chunks,’” Dreyfus said.

Piero had ‘outings’ with Nadia

For his part, Piero Arenas was somewhat annoyed and did not hesitate to confess that between Nadia and him there was something more than a simple friendship. “If she (he kissed her), we dated for a month. But I will only say that it was Monday before Tuesday ”, commented the warrior, sliding that Gino Assereto was Nadia’s ‘second option’, causing the astonishment of all her companions on the set.

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Gino Assereto clarifies that Nadia is just his crumb

Faced with this confrontation, the “Shark” did not sit idly by and lashed out at Piero, making it clear that he has no romance with Nadia. “But it’s not my fault that the chibolo is wrong because I have nothing with Nadia. May your insecurities be on top. It is what you think, I have nothing, ”said the model in his defense.

But the situation would not end there, since Johanna San Miguel did her thing and made a peculiar query to the Chiclayana after what Piero said. “Nadia, which day do you like best, Monday or Tuesday?”, To which the young reality girl replied: “Monday, because Monday we start with the whole week.” The host of “EEG” did not hesitate to be ironic with the young woman’s response: “Of course, Tuesday is long and boring”, alluding to Gino Assereto.