This is war will have a new format in 2022 and Hugo García would no longer be [VIDEO]

Changes are coming! This is war, he is on vacation, but since there is speculation about his return to the small screen, and now it has been announced that Hugo García would no longer be.

Everything was evidenced in More Shows, this Friday, December 7. After Brunella Horna assured that Erick Elera would be the new driver, now more data was revealed.

Valeria piazza he sent everything and committed some infidences on his new season. “This is war is going to change completely, it is going to be a new format, and it seems that Hugo García would say goodbye to reality,” he said.

When listening to her, Brunella Horna was surprised, and asked: “Aren’t you going to be combatants and warriors anymore?”, Which her partner did not deny, hinting that perhaps men would return to women.

“I do not know if we will have so much competition, but I am more competition of that game of kisses. You do not imagine, that’s why Hugo García says bye bye,” he said Valeria Piazza.

The host said that remembered characters would return. “It is almost confirmed that Hugo does not return, very beloved characters from TV will return, they will be surprised by this and many will not be,” he said.

After these words, More Shows issued an interview done to Hugo García, where he would have hinted that he would renounce EEG to focus on other projects.

“On the one hand I’m a little sad, but happy. I hope it’s an incredible year, and that all the things I’m betting on go super well. Super grateful always,” he said. Is it true?

Rosángela throws dirt on EEG and erases all traces of her networks: “Taking out what you don’t need”

Without mincing words, a follower told Rosángela Espinoza: “Your EEG photos”, and she affirmed it with everything. “Yes. The beautiful memories are stored in my (heart) ”, he admitted, putting dirt on his extra work by deleting him from his social networks.

Moments later Rous He recalled on the day of his cleaning that he was days away from his fifth birthday after having debuted in This is War in February. “How fast time goes by,” he said.