Three men accused of murdering a Peruvian trans sex worker stand trial in France

After three and a half years of the terrible murder of Vanesa Campos, a Peruvian sex worker, the Government of France on Tuesday started a trial against the three men guilty of the brutal crime.

On August 17, 2018, Vanesa Campos She was found by her “companions” naked and dying in the Boulogne forest, one of the places in the French capital known for having a large presence of sex workers.

Brutal crime

The crime was perpetrated by a gang of thieves, of Egyptian origin, who took advantage of sexual services to rob the workers and their clients. With a knife and tear gas canisters, the defendants created a moment of horror in the Boulogne forest.

They also used a stun gun that they stole a week earlier from a police vehicle. One of the shots wounded Vanesa Campos.

According to investigations, the author of the shot is Mahmoud Kadri, 24 years old. In addition to him, Karim Ibrahim, 29, and Aymen Dib, 25, were accused of beating the victim with a baton and stabbing.

Five other men, ages 23 to 27, were charged with participating in the crime. A 34-year-old new defendant was also charged with theft of the police weapon, which was constituted as part of the trial.

They deny the crime

The three main defendants of the death of Vanesa Campos they have denied the crime “formally”, according to their lawyers. The victim’s family members indicated that, for this gang of thieves, her family member and other of her companions hired a bodyguard, known as “Takaré”.

“This trial will reveal the truth, at least that is the hope of Vanesa Campos’ family and friends,” said the family’s lawyer, Chirine Heydari, adding that neither the victim’s mother nor sister have been able to travel to France. .

It should be noted that the sentence against those guilty of the death of Vanesa Campos is expected to be on January 28. In all, nine men will be tried in Paris.