Tigrillo Navarro against Netflix for the series Contigo Capitán: “The money will not come out of Paolo Guerrero’s pocket”

Paolo Guerrero’s series entitled “Contigo Capitán” has aroused great expectation in the fans of the Peruvian team to find out how the Predator experienced the darkest moments of his career by almost missing the World Cup Russia 2018, after testing positive for an adverse analytical result. However, there was a separate fact in chapter 6 in which Carlos Alberto Navarro put his “spoon” and would sue Netflix.

The film recounts the journey made by the Avaí player to obtain forgiveness from FIFA, Wada and TAS and thus be able to play in his first World Cup, a milestone achieved by the Bicolor at the hands of Ricardo Gareca.

In the sixth chapter entitled “Patience and faith” Paolo Guerrero, his friend, Julio García and Edwin Oviedo (former president of the FPF) are observed together in a truck, suddenly someone receives an audio and it was the voice of Carlos Albert Navarro.

As it is remembered, the Tigrillo gave the scoop that Paolo Guerrero was playing the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but many did not believe that this was possible. Moreover, in the series it is exposed that the Predator and company did not know about the failure.

For that reason, by using his voice without authorization, the popular Tigrillo – it is said – would sue Netflix for copyright. And in his Campeonísimo program he took the opportunity to give details.

The voice of the Tigrillo Navarro on Netflix

“People say that you are speaking like that (badly) about Paolo Guerrero in retaliation for Netflix, they say,” journalist Gustavo Peralta told him. El Tigrillo Navarro, neither short nor lazy, he answered. “No… Do you think the money is going to come out of Paolo Guerrero’s pocket?” He maintained.

It is worth mentioning that in the series “Contigo Capitán” several voices are heard outside the acting cast: Daniel Peredo (deceased), Daniel Kanashiro, among others.