TikTok is accused of “stealing” OBS to create its streaming platform

We recently told you about the decision of multiple Twitch streamers for moving en masse to YouTube Gaming the new service for live broadcasts offered by the video network, created especially for youtubers. In addition to this case, there have been several platforms that are giving greater value to transmissions, mainly those of video game since daily they receive thousands of views from the gamer fans.

TikTok He did not want to stay with his arms crossed, so he announced a few weeks ago his new online space TikTok Live Studio which will work as a stream application for computers consoles and some devices selected. While this project sounds pretty cool, a slight problem would stop all these intentions.

It turns out that a recent tweet from the content creator Naaackers captured the attention of users around the world, by exposing an alleged copy of TikTok towards the encryption and development codes that the OBS software. The news went viral, but was immediately refuted by several Internet users, who downplayed the matter, explaining that the real problem is that the social network You have not properly complied with the OBS license.

Ben Torell, a representative of OBS who works as a developer in the company, clarified that TikTok violated their licensing policy, but we were willing to work together. “We are committed to dealing with GPL violations in good faith and, in the case of TikTok / Bytedance we will be delighted to have a friendly working relationship with them as long as they comply with the license, “Torell tweeted in response to a thread posted by others. users.