TikTok: this is the new function that will allow you to restart the recommended content in ‘for you’

It happened to you that you were sliding your screen to see the next video of TikTok in the ‘for you’ section and you thought the content you were looking at was not relevant or you didn’t like it. Faced with this problem and to improve the quality of the social network service, it implemented a new function that allows you to restart and start from scratch the type of publications that will appear on the starting screen with recommended clips, according to your tastes and the algorithm of what you search for the most on the entire internet.

TikTok: what is the new feature that will allow you to restart your content?

The most downloaded platform, TikTokclaimed to be aware that there are times when users they do not find the content relevant or there is not enough variety in the ‘for you’ option. Therefore, he introduced a way of reset itthat is, practically start from scratch as if we had just signed up to the social network.

Thus, netizens can choose what type of videos to consume and automatically filter those that use certain hashtags or specific phrases to set your home page. Likewise, it will be possible to click on the option ‘I’m not interested’ so that certain types of publications do not appear. It should be noted that activating this update does not affect your profile or the accounts you follow.

You will now be able to set your home screen to ‘for you’. Photo: cyberclick

TikTok: how do you handle repetitive content?

One of the tiktok challenges is to ensure that the content offered in the ‘for you’ feed is not repetitive or that two clips from the same account appear in a row or with the same sound. In this way, it intends to improve its platform so that the user does not see similar posts and begins to view more varied publications.

In this sense, TikTok stated that it works so that the material that some creators upload does not violate its policies, especially when it comes to themes of sadness, exercise and extreme diets, as well as those that are sexually suggestive.

On the other hand, he stated that, through his system of content levels, excluded a total of 65,000 cosmetic surgery videos from the viewing experience of teen accounts during the first two months of the year.