Tiktoker commits suicide during live broadcast

Help line: The Mental Health department of the Ministry of Public Health has the depression information line at 809-544-4223.

The death by suicide of a famous fashion blogger, whose ashes were stolen and nearly sold for a “ghost wedding”, weeks after she took her own life during a live broadcast of the Chinese version of TikTok, has caused a commotion.

According People in spanish, the young woman, with the screen name Luoxiaomaomaozi, He pulled out a bottle of pesticide and expressed suicidal thoughts during a live broadcast on the short video app Douyin in October. The blogger drank a little while onlookers goaded her on, according to Chinese media reports.

She was pronounced dead after being sent to a hospital following the livestream. In his latest short video, posted on October 14, he said that he had suffered from depression for a long time and that the clip could be his last.

Later, his body was cremated in a rural area of ​​Shandong province. But the tragedy took an unexpected turn this week when local media reported that his ashes were stolen by a member of the crematorium staff and offered to an unrelated family for a “ghost marriage.”

The custom is popular in some parts of rural China, where people celebrate marriages for deceased relatives, especially single men, in hopes of having happy families in the afterlife.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the theft of the blogger’s ashes. A source told Beijing News that the ashes could be worth between 50,000 and 70,000 Chinese yuan ($ 7,800 to $ 11,000).